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Curaçao Trade and Industry Association

Curaçao Trade and Industry Association
Curaçao Trade and Industry Association

Kaya Jr. Salas 1, P.O.Box  49
Willemstad, Curaçao

Tel.: (599-9) 461-1210  |  (599-9) 461-5424
Fax: (599-9) 461-5422

Current President VBC:
Mr. Herman Behr
Emancipatie Blvd 31
P.O.Box 6052

Phone: 599 9 734100
Fax: 599 341200


The “Vereniging Bedrijfsleven Curaçao” ( The Curaçao Trade and Industry Association) is the representative body of the Curaçao business community, established by employers on July 24, 1944.      

Companies and business oriented organizations may join the VBC regardless of their size. The goal of the VBC is to protect the interests of its members so that they are able to fulfill their role in the community in the best possible way. Through the VBC companies can take the lead in expressing their opinions loudly and clearly and at the right moment, jointly, as well as independently. The VBC maintains contact with organizations abroad and with many governmental and private institution.

VBC stands for an open market economy with responsible enterprise and with honest competition; a minimum of government interference in the economic sphere and as great a freedom as possible in the traffic of persons, goods, services, investments and information; the removal of barriers that stand in the way of economic growth and defend the right of any investor to make a fair return on investment; promoting business for it members; to support and stimulate ethical standards and codes of behavior in doing business.